Lesson Planning #2

Understanding the Employee as an Adult Learner”

In an industry which relies heavily on apprenticeship jobsite instruction is critical.  The article makes use of the Experiential Learning Cycle.  This model can be applied to coaching an apprentice carpenter performing a new task without interfering with production.  The lead carpenter presents their experience similar tasks.  They then facilitate reflection by probing with open-ended questions to test apprentice’s comprehension.  Follow-up questions are asked to stimulate further thought on how to respond to challenges that their task.  Finally, I would allow the apprentice to apply the new knowledge while monitoring their work.


Lesson PLanning #1

“Classroom Management Strategies: The Postsecondary Responsive Classroom”

The responsive classroom allows freedom to learn through interactions and making choices, similar to self-directed learning.  The responsive classroom approach has some strategies that are useful in a postsecondary setting.  Budgeting time at the starting the class for personable interaction between instructor and student sets the tone for the rest of the class.  Involving the class in deciding classroom etiquette gives learners a sense of ownership.  Allowing the students to experiment with different ways of approaching and addressing practical applications allows them to discovery their own systems to problem solve.  Using positive reinforcement inspires connection and risk-taking in their communications.


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