Journal Entry #2

“[A]n educated person is one who has learned how to learn…how to adapt and change.”

The quote reflects the frequent reasoning used or Arts based education.  The subject matter becomes less important when you look at learning from this direction.  In my experience as a Carpenter, it is relatively easy to learn a skill by steps, and as long as ideal conditions continue to exist, a tradespersons can perform that skill without impediment.

I think we need to be careful not to put the cart in front of the horse.  As educators we need to establish a technical base-line.  If that same person does not learn the theories and conditions behind said skill, then their value becomes limited.  Too often in the construction industry we see people with less than necessary understand in the basics of construction attempt to adept the understanding to a problem.  This can result in the solution causing more problems than the initial issue.

As when I contemplated the quote for my first journal entry, I see how humanist philosophy has impacted learning theory today.  The basis of Humanist learning theory is that learners are empowered to make their lives better through self-improvement.  It is something that endorse to an extent.  Instructor must keep in mind, however that diversity exists.  If instructor focus only on teaching in a humanistic style, some students will be left behind.

It is important for the instructor to expose the learner to that theory and test through problem-solving exercises to practice adapting the skills to different situations, which is often emphasized in Arts education.  For this reason those with Arts based education (such as myself) can often have a tougher go at the start of our careers as we learn work-specific skills which were not part of our education, but as they come with well-developed learning skills they can adapt and eventually excel.


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